Become a beyondblue Speaker

15 March 2016 , Posted by Sue Crock



Are you interested in speaking publicly about your experiences with depression or anxiety to help reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health issues?
If so, you may be interested in joining beyondblue’s Speakers Bureau.
Volunteer speakers assist beyondblue by sharing their story to groups in the community. beyondblue receives requests from all types of groups and organisations and match them with appropriate speakers to share their story. By doing so, speakers help raise awareness and reduce stigma of depression and anxiety in communities throughout Australia.
beyondblue has been receiving speaking requests from across Western Australia, particularly in areas with mining communities, so recruiting speakers from across the state would help us to meet all of our requests and make sure we are starting the conversation about mental health in as many places as possible.
Is being a speaker right for you?
Making the decision to talk publicly about an experience of mental health issues isn’t right for everyone.
We know that living with depression and anxiety can have its ups and downs. However, it’s important that beyondblue speakers embody the values of hope and recovery. Some people find that speaking publicly about a personal experience and dealing with sensitive audience questions can be confronting or stressful, which can make the role difficult for those who are continuing to experience frequent periods of distress.
We encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming a beyondblue speaker to take some time to reflect on your own wellbeing and whether this type of activity is right for you at this time.
Recruiting speakers is an ongoing process and while you may choose not to apply this time, there will be opportunity to do so again in the future. There are also many other ways to share your experience and make a difference, such as participation in our online reference group, blueVoices. To find out more about blueVoices and to join, please visit blueVoices.
How to apply
If the beyondblue speaker program is something you think you might be interested in being part of, we’d love to hear from you!
To express your interest, please complete our online form with further details of your experience.
Applications close at 9am, Monday 11 April 2016.
If you have any questions about the Speakers Bureau or your interest, please also feel free to contact Kate Mulhearn on 03 9818 9215.
beyondblue’s Speakers team look forward to hearing from you!
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