Bored? Fed up? Going nowhere? What’s missing when we feel this way?

07 June 2016 , Posted by Sue Crock



Feel as though your life is boring, going nowhere or just fed up?

Don’t worry, everyone has times like this. What do we do about it? What is missing when we feel like this?


How we feel depends on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. These affect everything. If we ignore one of these states, it will affect others and our relationships.


Being bored, fed up or feeling as though we’re going nowhere are indicators that one of these states needs attention.


Consider what you might need:


Find at least ONE thing you can do to make a change and DO it!


If that’s a challenge, seek assistance. Talk to one of your mates, your partner, a friend or look for a professional whose job it is to assist.


Or check out some of the online services and learning opportunities in the Directory at This FIFO Life. There you can search for what you want by entering a little bit of information about what you are looking for.


Seeking help is a STRENGTH, not a weakness and doing something for your self is THE best way to get back on track.