Fifo life how does it impact your life

14 September 2020 , Posted by Tracy and Sue Loveny

Fifo work has become a popular way of working in Australia, particularly in the mining industry. There are advantages of working in this industry such as high income and financial freedom. There are also challenges on personal and intimate relationship, such as long periods away from your spouse and children.


Common issues for fifo workers and their families

●     Many struggles to keep the connection going in a relationship

●     Adjusting being together again, after being apart for a long time

●     Managing time together when you are home together

●     Missing important family events

●     Managing loneliness and depression while at work

●     Re-establishing the role and place at home when you are only there periodically.

●     Missing the loved ones and family

●     Having to function as a solo parent for long periods without help and the exhaustion that comes with it.

●     For parents with children, some of their children struggle to cope with their parents been away.


 Ways to Improve Common Issues faced by fifo workers and their families

●     Discuss your commitment to fifo work and write down your specific joint goals, ensuring that both of you can see the values in the decision and the benefits and goals you will be gaining.

●     Discuss how you will keep the connection and communication going and how often you should keep I touch.

●     Consider and talk about it whether this might work for the family for a long period of time.

●     Acknowledge the difficulties it presents for both of you.

●     Each time you are together, talk about what is working and what is not working so that you can resolve any issues early and they don’t build overtime.

●     Socialising, be mindful not to book to many social or extended family activities during your time at home, as it can take away from your primary family time.