FIFO parents overcoming family struggles

15 September 2020 , Posted by Tracy Samulela and Julie Loveny

Parenting is a challenge for FIFO families, particularly for partners at home to manage the continual transitioning from co-parenting to solo-parenting. Providing for the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of children can be difficult without the support of a partner at home. Partners at home face difficulties including feeling lonely, problems finding flexible employment and childcare and coping with the physical and emotional work of managing children and a household without a partner at home.

One of the potential impacts on children is a lack of daily interaction with the FIFO parent. However, the flip side is that the FIFO parent is then home for extended periods and available to spend quality time with children

Tips for FIFO families (Partners at home)

FIFO lifestyle puts various pressures and stresses on each parent. It is essential for the couple to talk about what they each need during the FIFO cycle which can feel squeezed into chunks of time

Formulate a “re-introduction plan” whereby each family member prepares for the FIFO parent coming home, such as keeping the FIFO worker is up to date with matters at home, getting a good night’s sleep before you return home and having relaxed time to reconnect with each other

Tips for parents to make their children feel comfortable