Horses helping people heal

08 November 2016 , Posted by Sue Crock



The first of August is given as the birthday for all horses in the southern hemisphere as a way of standardizing ages of horses for events. Horses play a very special role in the lives of many people. Farming and tending large tracts of land was done with the use of horses before machinery and horses are still used on most Australian stations.

Now, horses are helping people in a different way. They are helping people with problems to learn to trust, to lead and to communicate. These skills can help the person learn with their relationships with other people. Such programs help the horses, as well.

Listen to this remarkable story. Kirrilly Thompson takes the reins to examine the potential mutual benefits of equine assisted therapy. You will hear how one young woman, Jordy was able to change by helping her horse, Lucky, overcome his fears.

Audio: Horses and Healing