11 July 2016 , Posted by Ros Fuller


If you thought dark chocolate, almonds, writing in journals and talking recipes was just for women… think again. Steve Hord is an electrician, lives the FIFO life and is passionate about how to keep well and live life to the fullest! And he’s helping other FIFO’s to do the same with his blog and book.


Steve started as a young electrician in the mining industry full of enthusiasm and soon realised that some of the stresses of FIFO lifestyle, “Wasn’t in the brochure!” The normal stresses of daily life seem bigger. As Steve said, “Long days seemed hotter and longer.”


Steve realised soon after starting FIFO that most workers were wishing away the time at work and waiting to “live” till they got home. Then when they got home, they had to deal with the stress of adjusting and facing the return back to another swing!


He asked the question, “Out of the days on roster, how many of those have we actually lived?”


Steve knew from experience with a bout of depression years ago, that there was a healthier way. He started using all he knew about health and wellness, nutrition, mindset and goal setting to his FIFO lifestyle. Soon after, many of his work mates wanted to know why he always seemed so happy and what was in that bag of food he had! After writing down some information for workmates Steve thought, “Screw it, I’m just gunna write a book!”


And so “FIFO There’s a Healthier Way”, was born. Steve’s book is full of tips, tricks, nutritional and fitness knowledge all help towards improving FIFO quality of life. This book takes a positive look at both mental and physical health with everything from what he recommends to snack on, to suggestions about using Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Make sure to check the book out here.


Also make sure to pop over and check out Steve’s blog. You never know, you might find yourself buying a journal for the next shift!



Steve Hord