Where to get support: Alcohol and other Drug use

21 May 2018 , Posted by Ellie Samuels and Julie Loveny

Alcohol and drug dependency is not specific to FIFO workers but due to the difficulties faced by FIFO workers, the industry records a higher than average rate of short-term risky consumption. If you feel like your alcohol or drug use is impacting your health, your work or your relationships, then it is important to seek help and support. However, accessing support while working away can be difficult.

Thankfully, a specialised Working Away Alcohol & Drug Support Line (24 Hours) 1800 721 997 has been created to support FIFO workers who are worried about their alcohol and other drug use. The confidential service offers free counselling and support services referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This support line is not only for those experiencing alcohol or drug dependency but also their families.

If you are experiencing any alcohol or other drug related issues or want some information please call the Working Away Alcohol & Drug Support Line (24 Hours) 1800 721 997.