Women in FIFO: An Experience

18 June 2018 , Posted by Ellie Samuels and Julie Loveny

Being a woman in the mining industry is bound to have many challenges but how does that fit with FIFO?


Jane* was a FIFO worker for many years on a number of different sites with her longest run being 6 years at her last site. Jane mainly worked a 2/1 roster and for the last couple of years as a FIFO worker worked with her partner at the same site on the same roster. Jane stated that there were “Not a lot of facilities (toilet wise) around some sites I worked at making it a mission to head back to the main block”. Although some big sites where well-equipped many were not and that was a big challenge for Jane. Jane really loved the social aspect of working FIFO and made some great friends many of whom she is still friends with today after leaving mining around four years ago on maturity leave.


Another woman working in FIFO statedMany years ago it did affect the way that you were treated. Now you are almost just considered to be ‘one of the guys’, rather than ‘just a female’.”


Overall Jane really loved working FIFO in mining however she found returning to work after her maturity leave was just impossible. Jane moved to the town closest to the mine site to eliminate the FIFO aspect but still remained in her 2/1 roster. The 12-hour shifts were just not manageable being a new mum.


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